map mexico water solar insolation map two solar distillers; Chiapas Mexico Chiapas, Mexico Water Source

Science for the People is organized around applying science (the body of knowledge, the methodological practice, and the scientific community) to the challenge of developing an environmentally sustainable, humane, and socially equitable global society.

This rather grand global vision is also a practical local challenge with many fronts. From communities in which people face a lack of essential resources such as water, nutrition, and education to those that are embedded in an economic infrastructure of excess consumption, pollution, and waste; people around the world are confronting the need to make positive social and environmental changes.

Scientific study informs us about the nature of environmental and public health challenges, the interconnections between them, and potential remedies. Environmental, public health, and sustainability science also recognize the need for research to be grounded in local environmental and human conditions. It is in this vein that Science for the People is conceived.

We embrace a layered and integrated approach to the complex array of challenges associated with sustainable environmental and public health. We are investigating sustainable and appropriate scientific and technological means of empowering individual households and communities to live more sustainably. Our interest spans from environmental health, low cost, accurate air and water quality monitoring and analysis with minimal infrastructure to sustainable water purification technologies, human capacity building, and science pedagogy.