Ways that water use consumes energy.
Pumping water from aquifers, resivoirs, rivers, and lakes and distributing it througout cities, communities, and individual households requires significant energy input. (see more)

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Ways that water use consumes energy and produces CO2 and other air pollutants.
Treating, heating, and conditioning drinking water, waste water, and other water applications involves substantial energy consumption and emission of CO2 and other air pollutants.

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        Water Plant                      via boiling                  water heater                 Treatment Plant

Ways that energy use consumes water.
Hydraulic Mining, Fracturing, (Fracking) and thermoelectric cooling towers for fossil and nuclear fules depend on substantial water inputs. Waste water evaporation pits associated with Mining and Fraking pose a significant risk to migratory birds and other wildlife ufws.

                        Hydraulic Mining                         Hydraulic Fracturing           Waste Water             Cooling towers
                                                                                                                             Evaporation Pits       for power generation